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Associated Web Sites
After 20 years Ocean Color has posted several other web sites offering related products and services. Many have been taken down to adjust to changes in the industry and the marketplace. Some remain, and we are delving into other exciting areas.

American Banner
This site will be taken off line for a re-design in December, 2015
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Ideas for displays you can take with you as you travel to your event and not have to ship them ahead.
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A pet project of Ocean Color is a series of web sites that celebrate the greatness of our country in a shamelessly sentimental way. With the help of photographers J.H. Peterson and Stephen Sessa, we built a site that provides a pretty close view of some great American cars.
Slide Credits
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Segment of one of eight 10-foot-wide murals produced by Ocean Color in conjunction with New York curator, Jill Vexler, for the Galicia Jewish Museum in Krakow, Poland. More Info
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Segment of photo collage designed by Phil Dickinson for Team SMS, a group of companies that developed software for the U.S. Government. More Info
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Printed by Ocean Color for a display for JHPAIGO, an international health organization devoted to improving the lives of people in low-resource settings throughout the world. More Info
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Ocean Color printed trade show graphics for the California company that crafted the new lens that astronaughts used to repair the Hubble telescope. More Info
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Truss system under construction at the Las Vegas Convention Center in 2011 for a 35 by 90 ft. exhibit for Mestek Machinery. More Info.
History of Ocean Color
This company was founded in 1995 with the purchase of a first-generation wide-format color printer that could print any photo or layout up to 36 inches wide by any length. Over the past 20 years we have upgraded to much better printing and computer technology and developed a thorough understanding of art and science of display graphics.

We have now served customers in every state in the union plus a number of other countries in every continent (except Antartica). We have produced countless trade show displays for spaces as small as a 6 ft. table to as large as filling a 35 ft. by 90 ft. space at the Las Vegas Convention Center. We have come up with custom solutions to solve every manner of exhibiting challenge. We have come to understand the needs of customers in countless segments of the U.S. economy, from health care to software to manufacturing.

Going forward Ocean Color is specializing in more efficient and portable displays, such as banner stands and hanging banners that can be placed in an overhead compartment of a plane. There is a trend toward smarter, less bulky displays that are not so expensive to ship and set up.

The full history of this business really goes back to my love for photography when I was a boy. Raised as the son of a career Foreign Service Officer and an artist, I was exposed to the rich variety of culture and visual aspects of several foreign countries. My mother influenced my sense of art and esthetics. She was fascinated by the pageantry and gallantry of the Berbers from the Atlas Mountains. Her artwork can be seen at a web site I created in her memory:

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