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Graphic Design

Many of our customers have their own design departments or work with an independent graphic designer whom they like. Digital files from these customers are typically uploaded to your ftp address with YouSendit. We provide all the size and format specs the designer needs and then check out the files when we receive them to make sure they will print the way the customer and the designer want them to. We take pride in our work when our job is making a designer's work look its best.

For customers who do not have their own design files ready to go, we are happy to create the design here. The process starts with understanding what the customer needs to accomplish. The design objective for a photomural design for a trade show booth is usually different from the objectives for a brochure. Customers send us logo files and photos if they have them, and if not we can create logo designs and take pictures or find good images on an image web site such as Istockphoto.

Design Philosophy

The design should never be more important than the message. There are times in this world when the design itself is what counts. Not here. The business we are in is helping our customers promote their products and services. Winning a design contest is not something we aspire to. Design for marketing should always start with clear objectives. And the best way to spend too much money on design is to fail to establish those objectives before you start. The best way to keep design cost reasonable is to go down the right road the first time because you have a clear idea of where you want to end up. Is it important for a design to be appealing and look professional? Of course. You want to look professional and attract customers, not scare them away. But the main thing is to communicate your message as clearly and quickly as possible.

The illustrations of screws here were made for a customer that makes screws. The Fall River Manufacturing Company, Inc. manufactures nuts and bolts, including many with very specialized application. No one will pick up the brochure we designed and think "what a cool design" or wonder for one second about what the company does. We didn't want anyone to be thinking about the design. We wanted people to think "these guys are really professional at making screws."

The full-page ad below was designed for a trade publication. No one complimented us on the design. We hope it helped the company grow its reputation as a screw manufacturer
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Photography and Illustration

Most often we work with existing photos and illustrations. However, when good photography or artwork is not available, we do that too. We have a photography studio here, and can shoot almost any kind of product as long as it is not too big. I have a lot of experience in photography, but would never represent myself as an illustrator. The screw illustrations above were a sort of personal challenge. I drew them as vector art in Adobe Illustrator, using actual photos as a guide. There are subjects I would never attempt to draw. Fortunately, good illustrators are available freelance.
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