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Commercial Photography

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My work for ad agencies in the early 1970's was mostly black and white. This shot above of two models for the French Creek Sheep and Wool Company is really a product photo. It is more about the texture and thickness of the wool than the fashion. We did this shoot on a very hot day in July. Fashions are shot way ahead of season. While I enjoy photographing people more than objects, I do like the challenge of using light and camera angle to create an image that really shows the subject clearly and dramatically.
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The Ocean Color team also includes photographer Stephen Sessa who took the photo above of a home-built Cobra for our web site Great American Cars. Stepen and I first worked together in 1969 in Philadelphia. He brings the brings the sensitivity of a true artist to his work in the field and is available for assignments in the southeastern U.S.
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Fast Forward to the age of computers:
The world of photography has changed a lot in 40 years. Now Adobe Photoshop sometimes plays a bigger role than the camera. To create the image at right, I took three separate photos and knitted them together in Photoshop. Now, advertisers are more likely to find a photo on a web site such as than to hire a photographer. Of course when you have something unique, the picture doesn't exist online. I photographed the carved chair below recently in my Middletown studio.
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