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Web Site Design by Phil Dickinson
If I have a philosophy about web site design or a style, it is keep the designs simple with layouts that allow the images to do most of the communicating and text that is easy to find and follow. Visual impact is important. Clarity is more important. As when thumbing through an interesting magazine or coffee table book, the visitor can easily move from one element to the next without becoming confused or lost. For the company or organization, the object is to impress, to convey certain non-verbal concepts, and to inform. For the visitor the object is to provide an experience that is interesting, informative, and easy to navigate.
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Allendale Fibertech Corporation
This is a start-up manufacturing company in South Carolina that weaves fiberglass. The purpose of this site is to show the company's products and to make the company look as established and professional as possible.
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Great American Collections
A companion site to Great American, this site focuses on a small number of classic car collections. The two sites link to each other but are constructed with different layouts.
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Carry On Displays
Over the past few years it became evident that many of my customers have grown quite tired of heavy display systems, advance scheduling for expensive shipping, and complex set up. They would love to just be able to take what they need on the plane with them. Hence the name "Carry On." This site very briefly discusses the alternative to bulky displays and carry-on ideas offered by Ocean Color.
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Ocean Displays
This very minimal 3-page web site highlights Ocean Color's partnership with a major custom display company that enables us to offer large island trade shows displays to our larger corporate customers.
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Great American Cars
This site indulges my personal love for classic cars as well as my nostalgic love of this great country. Part of the concept of the site is to show the cars in detail with large images providing closer and richer views than one normally sees online. To get beautiful photos of classic cars, I enlisted the help of two great photographers, who are also, conveniently, old friends of mine, J.H. Peterson, and Stephen Sessa.
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Eleanor Dickinson, my mother and a great artist
When I was little and on crutches, my mother bit her lip and allowed me to do all things the other kids did. She was a great mom. She was also a great Foreign Service wife who adjusted beautifully to life in other countries. This site is a tribute to her artwork. (Oddly, there is another very well known artist by the same name, whose art is good buy very different. This is why I had to add "….artist" to the domain name. Her name had been taken by the other artist.)
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Great American Crafts .com
Since Colonial times, we have been a nation of people who make things. Since the second half of the 20th Century, it has been rockets, robots, and high tech machines, all this grew out of tradition that started with working wood and iron in small craftsman shops. It is interesting to note that during World War II, vitally all our manufacturing capability and traditional innovation and craftsmanship went into winning the war. Cabinetmakers didn't make cabinets; they built PT boats and laid the teak decking on battleships.
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Allendale Enterprise
Allendale County, South Carolina, with its main town by the same name, is an area that is rebounding from hard times following an economic downturn in the 1980's. A group of citizens formed a non-profit organization named Allendale Enterprise with the goal of promoting the county and attracting new business and tourism. This web site is the first project. The objective is to show the county in a completely positive way. Most of the photos on this site were taken by me.
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History of Allendale
History of Allendale, South Carolina
In 2015 I met Jim Bryan, a lifelong Allendale resident who was in an advanced stage of cancer. Jim welcomed my friendship and provided me with atreasure trove of historic images , as well as oral history of this southern town near the Georgia border. This almost forgotten town and county by the same name actually has a very rich history that reflects the history of our country.
Jim passed away in 2016. I was able to complete this web site in time for him to see it. I remember his grace, his courage, and his kindness, and I like to believe that he was happy with how the web site turned out.
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Great American Ships .com
This web site is a detailed history of American naval ships through World War II. Winning World War II was one of the greatest collaborative achievements in the history of civilization. The massive effort that went into building an manning the hundreds of ships is an amazing story. This web site tells that story and takes it back to the beginning of the U.S. Navy.
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Great American Planes .com
Another web site in the family of American-Tribute sites that tell the story of America's massive achievement during World War II. It is part of an overall project sponsored by Ocean Color to bring Americans together in celebrating our common heritage. All of the sites come together at
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