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Las Vegas Convention Center, January, 2011

Mestek Machinery, a major manufacturer of sheet metal fabrication machinery needed a custom exhibit for a 30 ft. x 90 ft. space at the AHR Expo. Working with a partner company in Chicago we supplied the rendering below to match the customers needs. They wanted a conference area in the center flanked at each end by a large mural, and on the sides by four large kiosks.

Four Kiosks 11 ft. tall each had graphics as well as a counter and storage cabinets on the inside (facing the conference area). On the diagonal wing were photo collages illustrating machinery used for forming sheet metal.

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Ocean Color designed all of the graphics, while our partner company designed and built the aluminum structures. The outer face of each kiosk supported a 60 inch color monitor running an interactive video showing the machinery in action. Each of the four monitors had its own iPad to be used by a company representative to control the presentation.
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An exhibit this size requires at least two days of set up, and of course we were required to use local union labor. The 20 ft. diameter overhead frame with a stretched fabric graphic had to go up first.
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(Below) One of the four kiosks being assembled. The entire exhibit shipped in six large molded crates. All the components were labeled and ready for assembly following detailed instructions. The larger gaphics were printed on fabric and attached with velcro to the aluminum framing.
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