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To inquire about a graphic or display product or about our design service, please call (800) 219-8700 or email: phil@oceancolor.com.

To Place an Order…
Please fill in the form below. Your shipping address is particularly important. Please send a separate email with any special instructions or questions. After we receive your email, we will generate an ORDER ACKNOWLEDGEMENT and send it to your email address. The order acknowledgement will specify exactly what you are ordering including any relevant details. It will specify pricing and shipping address. This way, there will be no confusion or misunderstanding about what you are purchasing, what you should expect to receive, when you should expect to receive it, and the total that you will be asked to pay. Our objective is no surprises.

On the form below, your phone number is a backup option so we can call you in case we can't reach you by email. Our preference is email because it is less intrusive.

Order Form

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Please wait for your Order Acknowledgement before paying for your order.

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To Pay an invoice
Please fill in the invoice number and amount you are paying below. You will be redirected to PayPal, which is a secure site. Payment can be made from your PayPal account or by using any major credit card.

  All payments secured by PayPal

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To Upload a Digital Graphic File:
Large format graphics should be in TIFF, Jpeg, or PDF format. We prefer 120 to 150 pixel-per-inch resolution at full size. And your file should be in CMYK color space.
We will preflight your file and let you know if there are any issues.

to upload click here

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